Have you ever dreamed of building up a successful games company and launching your own games? This simulation is set in the exciting and creative games development business – establish a successful company, build up your own development studio from a garage firm to a highly profitable company, create fantastic games, publish them, and make a mint. Employ managers who will help you, and optimize the way you work within your company. Research new technologies and genres to keep up with the major players and support your developers so they can further improve their performance and develop the best games. Enhance the creative play area with a whole host of playful items and decorate the offices just as you wish to give them your own personal touch.

Idle Game Tycoon is not a clicker game where you have to keep typing for ever to be successful.


- Cute, low-poly style graphics

- Real-time 3D iso-view

- Varied, 7-minute soundtrack

- Employ different managers they can support you if you can’t play at that moment

- Expand into new offices so you can take on even more staff

- The aim is to research more than 100 technologies and genres in total

- Extend your play area

- Decorate your offices with wallpaper, carpets and banners

- Optimize gameplay for left- or right-handers